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New Impression Philippine Onlineshop

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 20, 2016 5:05 am

As time goes by, fashion nowadays takes a new level. Takes a new hype. And as they say MILLENNIAL PEOPLE want  an easy access on everything. With traditional media struggling through its reinvention and the voice of the consumer growing exponentially through the web. Now people are using gadgets as part and means  of their everyday living. That’s why many people are using commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet or E-Commerce, Asia’s e-commerce industry has been growing in the past years. And as I searched it on the web I’ve seen some but this ONLINE SHOP inspires me.

KILY.PH established last April 2015, and after it was launch to the public people are getting hooked up with the company. The main purpose of the shop is to give its customers  an easy access of the usual shopping that they always do in the mall.

Kily.Ph is one of the fast rising online shop now in Manila. Not only a usual online shop. ONLINE WHOLE SALE SHOP. Yes, you got it right. A wholesaler shop. You don’t need to go to DIVISORIA, TUTUBAN or any other places. All you need to do it’s get your gadget plus a stable internet and then you’re set to shop. Less hassle because they were offering nationwide shipping around the country, not only that they also offer high quality products but very affordable and reasonable price. Because all of the products is came straight from the factory plus direct supplier.  One thing the products is so lovely, elegant and UNIQUE. Plus they were offering high discounts.

Plus KILY is providing easy, fast and safe way of paying,  like banks and remittance centers. And not only that, they also offer  Cash On Delivery service around Manila. Wanna know about the shipping process? In province they ship 3-5 days, can you belive its only 3-5 days. In Manila 1-2 day.

At KILY you can settle for the best value while paying less. It’s a one stop online fashion shop, disocover new and ultimate fashion trends that perfectly suit your fashion style.Play with your sence of style with out looking on the latest magazine, catalogs and fashion trends, because kily can give you that. Just one click  on your fingertips and that’s it. Kily will give you a fashionable look.

As you search it on the web you will that kily is on top of all the whole saler shop in Manila and when you check the facebook page you will see lots of good comments about the page, and some not so good, but its okay kily is a working process. As long as they doing something to fix an issue that’s okay. As long as the shop is doing their part to give the customer  wants and needs. And at KILY they treat the customers as their first love. And all the CSR are well trained and well mannered for them to handle each situation correctly.

Be the best version of your-self, stay glamorous, be elegant.So what are you waiting for, shop now and experience the fashion and needs that you deserve.


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